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Site Feedback - We'd Like To Hear From You!

Since we started this family website in 2000, we've received quite a bit of interesting feedback (mostly positive, some negative or bizarre) from visitors. We thought that it might be helpful and educational to share some of these comments. Of course, we'd love to get your feedback on our website as well - we just have a short feedback form that we'd like to ask you to complete. Or, please click here to send us email if you need an immediate response.

Barely Edited Site Feedback from 2003

This page holds some of the best feedback, including some of the more provocative sorts, that we received in 2003 - the fourth year of our family website. We also have separate pages for the best comments that we've received each year.

bulletFeedback and comments in 2006
bulletFeedback and comments in 2005
bulletFeedback and comments in 2004
bulletFeedback and comments in 2003
bulletFeedback and comments in 2002
bulletFeedback and comments in 2001


I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled on your marvelous website as I was trying to finish my lecture for this weekend. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Science and Technology, from the University of Minnesota. I currently am ABD and writing my thesis on the engineering profession in Czechoslovakia, 1900-1950. (preliminary title Engineering a Modern Nation: The Czech Engineering Profession and the building of an Independent Czechoslovakia). I encountered a "Frantisek Munk" in the archival materials in Prague, as somebody interested in economic planning, and a contact of Vaclav Verunac. This weekend I am actually presenting a paper at the History of Science Conference on the Americanization debate in Czechoslovakia 1920-1948. I was looking for a picture of Alice Masaryk on the web, to put on an overhead, and then got your website as one possibility on the Google list. After a little while, I realized that your family member Frank Munk is Frantisek Munk. I have read the posted autobiography with great interest. Thank you so much for putting this up on a website!!!!


Great photos. I was searching the net for photos of killer whales I could use when I teach my students in Japan about Canadian animals. The name of my school is Kaisei Elementary School, Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan. I'm sure my students will be impressed when the see the picture of Mother and Baby IV. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful web site!!


I was just visiting your website, and saw the section on sea otters. I believe that the photo there is actually of a river otter. River otters do frequent ocean areas, and are often mistaken for sea otters. A few ways for you to differentiate between the species: river otters have much longer tails and do not have large webbed hind flippers, as sea otters do.  When at the surface, river otters tend to swim on their front, and sea otters float on their back. Sea otters tend to eat their food in the water while floating on their backs, with the food on their stomach. River otters would be more likely to climb on a log or onshore to eat, in the posture captured in the photo on your site. Sea otters almost never leave the water, whereas river otters are on land frequently. River otters tend to be all brown, whereas adult sea otters' heads lighten throughout their lifetime, becoming quite blond. The river otter also has a longer head than the sea otter. In the Puget Sound area, river otters are much more common than sea otters.

[Note: We're glad that Sheryl has corrected us. Her work as the rehabilitation coordinator at the Vancouver Aquarium certainly makes us appreciative.]


I came across your lovely killer whale photos today as I was searching for an appropriate map for the Whale Watch Park to include on a new page on our [Orca Relief Citizen's Alliance] website to promote watching marine wildlife and especially killer whales from shore. Did you take these photos from shore? If so, we would very much like to use some of your photos for our website to show people that it is possible to see these animals from shore without disturbing their environment. Thank you very much for your help and for mentioning Orca Relief on your website.


Great site! I'll have to come back when it isn't two in the morning! Anyway, my husband is a huge bald eagle enthusiast and he is going to love your pictures. He has this crazy idea to print out some and put them in a scrapbook to display in our home to visitors. I am curious about where you guys are? I am thinking upper Washington or Alaska or somewhere in Canada near the coast? Anyway, thanks for the great bald eagle photos and keep up the GREAT work!


While looking at the seagull pictures, I noticed that you had a picture you had labeled Herons on rotting dock posts. The birds pictured are actually cormorants, a fish-eating sea bird. At one time they were used by various natives as fishing tools. They would tie long lines to the feet of the birds and put a hoop around the neck, then let the birds go get fish. Since they couldn't swallow the fish, the natives collected them and the cormorants just kept getting more.

[Note: We stand duly corrected and have changed the picture names appropriately!]


You may want to note that your photo of a "mountain goat" is actually a young male bighorn sheep. Totally different species!

[Note: Well, we're sheepish to admit it but we were just guessing when we firs tput this up. We are really pleased that someone could tell us what it was. Just happened we got advice from a wildlife biologist in Alberta's fish and wildlife department.]


Your pictures of the bald eagles are some of the best we have found. My son was doing a report for school on eagles (he is in 1st grade) and your pictures are every bit as good (if not better) than the ones we have in our Wildlife Explorer volumes. Thank you!!


Greetings: I found your web site while doing a search of Henderson Leuelling. [Leuelling is mentioned in Ralph Geer's chronicles of his trip across the Oregon Trail in 1847.]  I thought you might like to know that his trip on the Oregon Trail is chronicled in the book "Tree Wagon" authored by his daughter Evelyn Sibley Lampman. Seeing as how Dr. White all but abandoned them because of the heavy weight of his tree wagon, his journey proved to be more difficult than it probably should have been if they were with a larger party. While traveling up South Pass they came upon a group of Indians who were impressed by the tree wagon. Later, while preparing to cross the Snake, a war party came across the small party. After seeing the tree wagon they all rode off only to come back a few hours later devoid of war paint and proceeded to help the 4 wagons across the Snake. He came to find out the Indians believed in the spirit of the trees and would do no harm to anyone traveling with sacred trees. I thought that you might like this little bit of trivia. By the way, very nice site. 


Thanks so much for posting Dr. Munk's biography. I was a student of his at Portland State College during the 1960's and was always impressed with his kind manner, wit, knowledge, and after seeing him on television shoveling snow some time around 1991, his longevity. He was a delightful and amazing gentleman.


Hi. I was passing thru your wonderfull site and I read Dr. Frank Munk's The Most Daring Cooperative Experiment speech he made before the Potomac Cooperative Federation in Washington, D.C., on February 27, 1945. I was born 44 years ago in the town that is mentioned in that speech (Domvrena, Greece) and I left 27 years ago. I remember the different stories the older folks use to tell us about the destruction of the town by the Nazis. If you visit the site you will find some recent photographs of the town the German Nazis burned and destroyed 58 years ago. Great work!!! Thanx.



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