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Site Feedback - We'd Like To Hear From You!

Since we started this family website in 2000, we've received quite a bit of interesting feedback (mostly positive, some negative or bizarre) from visitors. We thought that it might be helpful and educational to share some of these comments. Of course, we'd love to get your feedback on our website as well - we just have a short feedback form that we'd like to ask you to complete. Or, please click here to send us email if you need an immediate response.

Barely Edited Site Feedback from 2002

This page holds some of the best feedback, including some of the more provocative sorts, that we received in 2002 - the third year of our family website. We also have separate pages for the best comments that we've received each year.

bulletFeedback and comments in 2006
bulletFeedback and comments in 2005
bulletFeedback and comments in 2004
bulletFeedback and comments in 2003
bulletFeedback and comments in 2002
bulletFeedback and comments in 2001


Hello - I am from Southern Germany and take a course on Information Visualization at the University of Constance (bordering Switzerland). I linked to your page (more than an hour ago) via a Yahoo hint regarding OpenGL and Microsoft. The presentation of your page kept me following your interests from Alexa Web Search to Books - Mountain Climbing - Amazon - Diemberger - K2 to the Return to Vrba saga and back to your Windows NT Professional page.

It felt like an day trip excursion to both Oregon and Montenegro. Accompanied by my morning tea and now a fresh cup of coffee. The folks whose private lives & interests I have followed on web pages are mostly closer to where I live and my current enthusiasm: preparing for running a marathon. That led my mind to follow travellers to many countries and diverse continents. I find the web holds so many stories about people and life, that I feel endangered to forget about the folks next door with real bodies and a friendly smile to enjoy or a dull mind to whom I might bring a smile.

Your page gave me the possibility of a smile.

This was quickly followed up by the same writer with a second piece of feedback:

After a first feedback  that I entered into your feedback form, I glanced through the compiled feedbacks and got stuck at the bottom entry of a person that tried to set-off German-Czech cruelties.  (I am German, living in Switzerland at the Swiss-German border). I started to read the autobiography of Frank Munk and after chapter 13  started to enter a second feedback. This one was washed away with a (power?)  breakdown of my computer. Instead of rewriting it, I continued reading - which I have fascinatedly done for more than 4 hours.

Now I need a meal break. It is impressing, what a wide background has come down to your family.


I am in the process of composing a term paper for my European History Class at California State University at Sacramento. I chose to delve into discussing how the fall of Communism affected the Czech Republic in the 20th, possibly 21st Century. I haven't had a chance to read all of the information that you have provided [in your grandfather's memoirs.] I visited the Czech Republic this summer and I have fallen in love with a tiny town in South Bohemia called Cesky Krumlov.

My grandfather was from Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, he passed away many years ago and in my youth I neglected to pay attention to his stories and acquire his cultural contributions to my family. Your families' memoirs are quite moving and enjoyable as well. Thank you so much for your time.


I am the great-great-great-grandson of Elizabeth Dixon Smith Geer -- to use all of her names! The line runs, I believe, from Elizabeth to Sarah to a woman whose name I'm not sure of to my grandmother Blanche Williams Hunter to my mother, Helen Hunter Goist, to me and my two older sisters [names removed for privacy] and on to their kids and grandkids and even great-grandchildren! And just today I learn of the Ragens and how we are connected/related (which is it?), through "our'' Elizabeth's marriage to Joseph C. Geer. It might well be true that the people of the world are removed from one another by only six degrees of separation.


I was thrilled to find your web site and reread the excerpts taken from the book "50 Years In Oregon" by T.T. Geer.  In 1976, I requested this book through our inter-library loan and copied it for our family. Elizabeth and Cornelius Smith were my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents. Their son, William X Smith married Mary C. Hall, their son Charles Merton Smith married Margaret Ann Smith (she was a Smith too) their son Edward Lester Smith married Louise Jameson, their son Charles Edward Smith is my Dad.


I enjoyed your site very much and would like to ask permission to use some of your wildlife photos in a power point presentation during our church service this Sunday. We just recently renovated our sanctuary and have a big screen installed. We are new at creating interesting add-ins for the service and since it is close to July 4, I would really like to show some of your photos during some music.

Afterwards, I got a followup note:

Thank you so much for the use of your photos. I just put together a power point of pictures and started with your bald eagle with the mountain in the background. I also used one of your whale pictures. It was set to a patriotic medley at the beginning of worship. People loved it. We have just recently added a large screen to our sanctuary and are new at visuals in our worship service, but we loved your pictures and they really made the presentation.


First, I really enjoyed looking at your website. I've been doing some research on the GEER family while researching the COLVER family in Oregon. Ralph Geer's wife is a COLVER descendant. I've transcribed several GEER-related articles that may be of interest to you. Perhaps the documents can assist you in your research. [TheRagens Note: See Ralph Geer's recollections of his emigration on the Oregon Trail and both of the eulogies for Joseph Carey Geer.]


Hi, I am so delighted to have happened onto your website.  I have been researching, with not a great amount of success, Mary Ann "Polly" Routen Eoff, as I believe her to have been the sister of our gr.-gr-grandfather.  I hadn't been able to find a copy of the book "50 Years in Oregon",  by her grandson T.T. Geer, and was happy to be able to read the excerpt you have on the site.


A big thank you from the land of the kangaroo! I'm a professional storyteller down here in Australia, and I needed to get a hold of some pictures of Orca Whales for a storytelling map my sister-in-law is making for me, with pictures of some of the stories I tell. I share a story about Orca Whales from Vancouver Island, and am having her paint a picture of one on it. Unfortunately I've only seen them in the San Juans myself a handful of times from a distance, so it was great to have some good pictures. Thanks so much! Hope wine-tasting and life treats you well.



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