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The Ragens Site Map - Photography Albums

Nature and Wildlife Photos Home Page

The photos listed below are the top photos from within our galleries. Enjoy!

Bald Eagle Photos
bullet2002-00: Bald Eagle on Takeoff
bullet2002-00e: Bald Eagle Flight Sequence
bullet2002-02: Bald Eagle Profile
bullet2002-04: Juvenile Bald Eagle
bullet2003-02: Juvenile Eagle in Tree
bullet2003-04: Bald Eagle Overhead
bullet2004-01: Bald Eagle Circling
bullet2004-02: Bald Eagle Landing
bullet2004-03: Bald Eagle on the Rock
bullet2004-04: Painting the Sky
bullet2004-05: Bald Eagle Perch
bullet2005-01: The Morning Gargle
bullet2005-02: Ready For Flight
Beach Crab Photos  
Big Horn Sheep  
Black-Tailed Deer Photos
bullet2001-01: Deer, Surprised
bullet2001-02: Deer, in Profile
bullet2001-03: Deer and Companion
bullet2002-01: Four-Point Buck
bullet2002-01: Resting by Sequoia
bullet2003-01: Two Deer at Play
bullet2003-02: Black-Tailed Deer, Up Close
bullet2003-03: Two Fawns, Waiting
Borrego Springs
bullet2004-01: Ocotillo Flower
bullet2004-02: Cholla I
bullet2004-03: Cholla II
bullet2004-04: Moon and Palm
bullet2004-05: Sunset at Font's Point
bullet2004-06: Slot Canyon I
bullet2004-07: Slot Canyon II
Bufflehead Duck Photo  
Grand Tetons National Park
bullet2005-01: Black Bear
bullet2005-02: Antlers in the Woods
bullet2005-03: Moose Sighting
bullet2005-04: Whole Moose
Heron Photos  
Insect Photos
bullet2001-01: Two Dragonflies
bullet2001-02: Dragonfly Hovering
bullet2002-01: Butterfly at Rest
bullet2002-02: Butterfly Patterns
Landscape pictures
bullet2002-01: Grand Canyon Sunset
bullet2003-01: Sunbreak at Seaside
bullet2003-02: Zion Rocks
bullet2004-01: Liquid Gold Sunset
bullet2004-01: Sunrise on Mt. Rainier
bullet2004-02: Misty Mountain Air
bullet2004-02: Beach Sculpture View
bullet2005-01: Stormy Weather
Lightning Photos
bullet2003-01: Lightning Strike
bullet2003-02: Lightning Bolt
bullet2003-03: Night Lightning
Orca Whale Photos
bullet2001-03: Serenity at Sea
bullet2002-02: Whale Breaching
bullet2002-05: A Line-Up of Killers
bullet2002-06: Orca Off the Rocks
bullet2002-07: A Pod of Killers
bullet2003-01: A Family of Killers
bullet2003-02: Whales Surfacing
bullet2003-03: A Breath of Air
bullet2003-04: Mother and Baby
Other Photos
bullet 2003-01: Blue Angels
Red Fox Photos
bullet2003-01: Red Fox Full Profile
bullet2003-02: Mother and Baby Fox
bullet2003-03: Fox in Grass
bullet2003-04: Fox Close-Up
bullet2003-05: Down the Fox Den
River Otter Photo  
Seagull Photos
bullet2002-01: Seagull at Take-Off
bullet2002-02: Seagull at Pile Point
bullet2003-01: Seagulls Lined Up
bullet2003-02: Seagulls Waiting
Seal and Sea Lion Photos
bullet2003-01: Swimming from Orcas
bullet2003-02: Seal Curiousity
bullet2004-01: Four Seals
bullet2004-02: Harbor Seal at Alert
bullet2005-01: Sea Lion Barking
Still Life Images
bullet2004-03: Chillin' Out
bullet2002-01: Driftwood Patterns
bullet2004-01: Driftwood Beach Sculpture
bullet2004-02: Cat-Tail and Alder
bullet2004-04: Four Helmets
bullet2004-05: Red Hot Helmet
bullet2004-06: Poppy
bullet2004-06IR: Poppy in Infrared
Turkey Vulture Photos
bullet2001-01: Airing It Out
bullet2001-02: Vulture with Ruffled Feathers
bullet2002-01: Vultures Together
bullet2003-01: Vulture Up Close
bullet2003-02: Vulture at Take-Off
Wasp Nest Photo  
Yellowstone National Park
bullet2005-01: North American "Water Buffalo"
bullet2005-02: Buffalo Tongue
bullet2005-03: Stopping Traffic
bullet2005-04: American Bison
bullet2005-05: Bighorn Sheep
bullet2005-06: Butting Heads
bullet2005-07: Bighorn Ewe
bullet2005-08: Baby Bighorn
bullet2005-09: Grand Prismatic Spring
bullet2005-10: Pearl Geyser
bullet2005-11: Geyser Runoff
bullet2005-12: Steamboat Geyser
bullet2005-13: Lower Yellowstone Falls
bullet2005-14: Tower Falls


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