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Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk in Yellowstone National Park
Tim Cahill

This slender book is a charm to read. The individual stories are articles from Outdoor Magazine that have been reworked to fit together better in a book format. They present a viewpoint of Yellowstone that turns the park into our nation's backyard except that it is treated with respect throughout the book. We read this book to get us in the spirit for our own grand Yellowstone adventure; while not a typical trail guidebook, it performed admirably as it helped us get acclimatized to a more complete set of adventures than our family might otherwise attempt. I'd recommend this book without reservation as an exemplar of the way to enjoy our nation's national parks. This book was a finalist for one of the Banff Mountain Book Awards.



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bullet Walking the Big Wild: From Yellowstone to Yukon on the Grizzly Bear Trail; Karsten Heuer
bulletYellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam by Florian Schulz
bullet The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery by Paul Rubinstein, et al
bullet Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone and the Tetons by Joseph K. Lange
bullet Silence & Solitude: Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness by Tom Murphy
bullet The Spirit of Yellowstone: The Cultural Evolution of a National Park by Judith L. Meyer

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