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The Last Step: The American Ascent of K2
Rick Ridgeway

Ridgeway describes the epic story of the first successful American climb of K2 in 1978. Two aspects to this climb are explored in great detail. The first subplot tells the story of the organizational and personal issues that emerged within the expedition. The schism that developed between the four aggressive climbers (Ridgeway, Reichardt, Wickwire, and Roskelley) and some of the slower, less driven climbers demonstrates the forces when subjected to the pressure for progress and the debilitating effects of waiting out the inevitable storms. The second sub-plot describes the route selection process at the top of the mountain which culminates in the decision by three of the four climbers complete the climb without supplemental oxygen. The almost hallucinatory description of Wickwire's emergency bivouac at 28,000 feet is a compelling story of his determination to survive.

This book is a compelling read for those interested in the history of mountain climbing.



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