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Question 10: TheRagens Reunion Questionnaire

Now that we have left our immature years behind, what single piece of wisdom would you like to leave for the next generation?

Travel more while you are still carefree 
Do not take life too seriously - enjoy each day
Give considerable thought to your major choices in life
Buy and hold
Eat well; stay healthy
Family is the most important and special gift you are given in a lifetime honor and enjoy your relatives.
Family and friends are really important
Believe in yourself
Enjoy each day
Smile and live for the day
Balance is everything.
Live every day fully!
Life is a gift live every day like its your last
Eat wisely and exercise  five days a week!
Never turn down an adventure!
Never give up -- always do your best to bring to completion what you have started.
Everything (nearly) is possible but a balanced life, with family, friends and others first, is more important and more rewarding.
The Golden Rule still works
Don't burn any bridges
Treat others as you would like to be treated
Don't worry much about conformity, but cherish whatever it is about you that makes you unique and special
Spread and express love; and love life and live it to your fullest every minute
Do what's right


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