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Question 4: TheRagens Reunion Questionnaire

If you were stranded on a desert island for a month, what three items would you want to have to relieve the tedium? Assume that you are stuck for between 28 and 31 days with nothing to do and that your rations would be at least at the 'Survivor' level.

Frequency Survival Items Notes
6 A book (a VERY thick good book) (a) Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. (b) Tolstoy's War and Peace. (c) The First Folio of Shakespeare. (d) Churchill's Second World War.
6 Lots of books (a) 12 great books. (b) Complete Charles Dickens. (c) Complete cousin's list. (d) Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. (e) a library
4 Deck of playing cards  
4 Laptop computer Only one wanted web access. [Note: All four gentle ladies forgot to ask for batteries.]
3 My wife  
4 Pen and paper Including pen and personal journal.
3 The Bible  
2 CD player and CD's [Note: One of these ladies remembered to ask for batteries.]
2 Cell phone [Note: This wise gentleman forgot to ask for batteries.]
 1 16 cases of Red Hook Ale  
 1 25 pounds of clay  
 1 A barbeque  
 1 A good woodcarving knife  
 1 A raft  
 1 A snorkel and fins  
 1 A wife  
 1 Blackberry [Note: This wise gentleman forgot to ask for batteries.]
 1 Chocolate  
 1 Cindy Crawford  
 1 Dental floss  
 1 Dictionary  
 1 Either my husband or my dog  
 1 Extra batteries for the CD player  
 1 Fishing pole and tackle  
 1 Fly Swatter I hate bugs more than anything!
 1 Hiking boots  
 1 Journal and writing utensil   
 1 Mask, snorkel, fins & spear  
 1 Music  [Note: This wise gentleman forgot to ask for something to play it on.]
 1 My son  
 1 Outlanders  
 1 Paints and paper  
 1 Pen and personal journal  
 1 Picture of family  
 1 Puppy  
 1 Radio [Note: This wise gentleman forgot to ask for batteries.]
 1 Running shoes  
 1 Satellite phone [Note: This wise lady also asked for the solar generator.]
 1 Saxophone or clarinet and a learning to play book…  
 1 Scrabble  
 1 Shelter  
 1 Solar generator & heater  
 1 Surfboard  
 1 Telescope  
 1 Tent  
 1 Two wives  
 1 Viagra [Note: This gentleman also asked for "his wife".]


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