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Question 4: The Levin Reunion Questionnaire

What are your three most favorite things to do in your free time that are NOT child-related?

Responses Activity
1 Attending art openings
2 Attending Symphony
3 Attending Theatre
1 Being intellectually stimulated by learning something new, hanging out with good friends, reading a good book, doing a jig-saw puzzle
1 Browsing at a bookstore or news stand
1 Cooking great dinners
1 Cooking, working on a cookbook
1 Crafts
1 Crossword puzzles
1 Dancing with my husband
2 Dining
1 Drinking/tasting good wine with friends
4 Exercising
1 Exercise - Walking
1 Exercising - Walking or running
2 Exercising - yoga
3 Gardening
1 Genealogy
1 Giving my brother a hard time
1 Going to dog parks/beaches
1 Hanging out with Mom and Dad
1 Having a personal spa day
1 Having long intellectual discussions about life and the purpose of string cheese
1 Having lunch with girlfriends
1 Knitting
4 Listening to music
7 Movies
1 Music - playing and listening
1 Music - Playing guitar
1 Music - Playing piano
2 Nosing around kooky New York neighborhoods
2 Photography - film and digital
2 Planning next travel adventure
1 Playing golf with my wife
2 Quilting
10 Reading
1 Reading a good book in a hot bath
1 Reading motorcycle magazines
2 Renovating older homes
1 Running with our dog
1 Salvaging bits and pieces for our old house
1 Sauna, shower, sauna, shower, sauna
1 Seeking truth
1 Shopping at a good farmers market and talking with the farmers about their crops
2 Sleeping
1 Smooching with my honey
1 Sports - Attending sports events
1 Sports - Following hockey, especially the Detroit Red Wings
1 Sports - Frisbee
1 Sports - Kayaking
1 Sports - Playing ice hockey
1 Sports - Playing soccer and watching baseball
1 Sports - Playing tennis
1 Sports - Skiing
1 Taking architectural tours
2 Taking naps in sunny spots
1 Talking, walking, drinking, eating
1 Teaching just about anything that helps students expand their consciousness and move their boggle threshold
1 Throwing Parties
1 Torah study and Great Books at the University of Chicago - discussion!!!!!
5 Traveling
1 Traveling - cultural and culinary. This also excludes working which, one must remember, is often what our family most enjoys doing in their free time.
1 Trying to draw
  Visiting with Friends
2 Volunteer work
1 Wandering and exploring the world we live in
6 Wilderness - Anything in the mountains (skiing, hiking, backpacking)
1 Working on Jewish food bank stuff
1 Writing and drawing
1 Writing magazine articles that I never finish
1 Writing or thinking about my screenplay


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