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This website is 100% designed and built by me in my spare time. The contents are developed from our own personal interests in addition to a variety of suggestions from friends and family. All typos are probably the result of working too fast. Other mysterious problems that you may find within these pages are almost assuredly caused by some goofball mistake that I have introduced by accident.

Privacy Policy We do not track users on multiple visits, we do not issue cookies, and we do not maintain personal data on anyone that visits this site unless you send us site feedback or register for our periodic newsletter. We are associated with various commercial websites such as Amazon, Linkshare, and so on; your visit data may be shared with those organizations to the extent that those sites attempt to collect data through the link code that they provide to us. The bottom line is that we respect your privacy. With respect to privacy, the pictures shown at left and right may bear a remarkable resemblance to what our family really looks like -- or it may just be our Halloween pictures. You guess.

Copyright. I've copyrighted the photos and other original material on this website. I've already seen several instances where the wildlife pictures have appeared on other website and I'd like to prevent unauthorized hijacking. Pictures can be used for educational, non-commercial purposes. Drop us a line to let us know where our pictures are being used.

Technology. The website currently runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and is built entirely with Microsoft FrontPage 2002 - the Office XP Professional version. Until I get the time to install and configure my own web server at home, Interland - Shared Hosting has hosted our website content. We've been really pleased with Interland as our hoster -- the uptime is good, performance is good, support experiences have been positive, and so on. And they've done a lot to make their hosting plans affordable with an offer at $7.95/month (as of July 2004).

Persistent links. Because this site is feature-rich with links to many books and external websites, I lost too many visitors after they pursued one click offsite. And, when they used the back key to return, it caused my visitor count to soar since I don't issue cookies. As a result, I have configured external links so that a click to a page off will open up a new browser window for that page. I apologize in advance if this policy bothers you but you can always leave by entering a new URL in the address bar. If you don't like this, send me feedback so that I will know that someone cares!

Site Statistics. Here is a snapshot of key website statistics from the 2002 calendar year for TheRagens domain. Traffic has increased substantially from 2001; for example, unique visitors increased by 256% (up from 16,110 visitors) and page views increased by 288% (up from 43,261 page views). We use WebTrends Reporting Center - eBusiness version in order to analyze our weblogs. Overall, traffic in 2003 continues to trend steadily upwards.

Key Value

2002 Website Statistics

Monthly High

Unique Visitors 57,272  10,638  11/02
Pages Viewed 167,673  21,133  11/02
Number of Hits 1,186,717  167,721  11/02
Total Traffic (MB) 9,908MB  1,226MB  11/02
Top Ten Web Pages (by Page Views) Photography Home Page   17,672  
Bald Eagle Photos   13,953
Orca Whale Photos   11,319
TheRagens Home Page   6,502
Deer Photos   4,841
OpenGL Technology Brief   4,773
Calvin Geer - My Trip To Oregon 4,549
Turkey Vulture Photos   3,765
Ragen Family History   3,687
Ragen Family Reunions   2,399
Top Five Search Phrases OpenGL 2,191  
bald eagle photos 1,766
nature pictures 1,662
deer pictures 1,487
bald eagle pictures 1,162
Top Five Search Engines Google 21,735  
Microsoft Network 20,529
Yahoo 8,152
Ask Jeeves 2,460
AOL Netfind 1,613


Affiliate Programs. Although this is not a commercial web site, at least in part, we hope to fund the operating costs of this family web through affiliate programs offered by various dotcom corporations.

Contact us. If you wish to contact us, please drop us a quick email note. We don't guarantee a response but we are interested in what you have to say.

Thank you for your interest in this site!

The Ragens


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